Core functionality

Pump(*ops) Top-level pump object.
transform(audio_f, jam, *ops) Apply a set of operations to a track
class pumpp.core.Pump(*ops)[source]

Top-level pump object.

This class is used to collect feature and task transformers

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Create a CQT and chord transformer

>>> p_cqt = pumpp.feature.CQT('cqt', sr=44100, hop_length=1024)
>>> p_chord = pumpp.task.ChordTagTransformer(sr=44100, hop_length=1024)
>>> pump = pumpp.Pump(p_cqt, p_chord)
>>> data = pump.transform('/my/audio/file.mp3', '/my/jams/annotation.jams')

Access all the fields produced by this pump:

>>> pump.fields
{'chord/chord': Tensor(shape=(None, 170), dtype=<class 'bool'>),
 'cqt/mag': Tensor(shape=(None, 288), dtype=<class 'numpy.float32'>),
 'cqt/phase': Tensor(shape=(None, 288), dtype=<class 'numpy.float32'>)}

Access a constituent operator by name:

>>> pump['chord'].fields
{'chord/chord': Tensor(shape=(None, 170), dtype=<class 'bool'>)}


ops (list of (BaseTaskTransformer, FeatureExtractor)) The operations to apply

Add an operation to this pump.


op : BaseTaskTransformer, FeatureExtractor

The operation to add



if op is not of a correct type


Construct Keras input layers for all feature transformers in the pump.


layers : {field: keras.layers.Input}

A dictionary of keras input layers, keyed by the corresponding fields.

sampler(n_samples, duration)[source]

Construct a sampler object for this pump’s operators.


n_samples : None or int > 0

The number of samples to generate

duration : int > 0

The duration (in frames) of each sample patch


sampler : pumpp.Sampler

The sampler object

transform(audio_f, jam=None)[source]

Apply the transformations to an audio file, and optionally JAMS object.


audio_f : str

Path to audio file

jam : optional, jams.JAMS, str or file-like

Optional JAMS object/path to JAMS file/open file descriptor.

If provided, this will provide data for task transformers.


data : dict

Data dictionary containing the transformed audio (and annotations)

pumpp.core.transform(audio_f, jam, *ops)[source]

Apply a set of operations to a track


audio_f : str

The path to the audio file

jam : str, jams.JAMS, or file-like

A JAMS object, or path to a JAMS file.

If not provided, an empty jams object will be created.

ops : list of task.BaseTaskTransform or feature.FeatureExtractor

The operators to apply to the input data


data : dict

Extracted features and annotation encodings

Feature extractors

FeatureExtractor(name, sr, hop_length[, conv]) The base feature extractor class.
CQT(name, sr, hop_length[, n_octaves, ...]) Constant-Q transform
CQTMag(*args, **kwargs) Magnitude CQT
CQTPhaseDiff(*args, **kwargs) CQT with unwrapped phase differentials
STFT(name, sr, hop_length, n_fft[, log, conv]) Short-time Fourier Transform (STFT) with both magnitude and phase.
STFTMag(*args, **kwargs) STFT with only magnitude.
STFTPhaseDiff(*args, **kwargs) STFT with phase differentials
Mel(name, sr, hop_length, n_fft, n_mels[, ...]) Mel spectra feature extraction
Tempogram(name, sr, hop_length, win_length) Tempogram: the short-time autocorrelation of the accent signal
TempoScale(name, sr, hop_length, win_length) Tempogram scale transform.

Task transformations

BaseTaskTransformer(name, namespace, sr, ...) Base class for task transformer objects
BeatTransformer([name, sr, hop_length]) Task transformation for beat tracking
ChordTransformer([name, sr, hop_length]) Chord annotation transformers.
SimpleChordTransformer([name, sr, hop_length]) Simplified chord transformations.
ChordTagTransformer([name, vocab, sr, ...]) Chord transformer that uses a tag-space encoding for chord labels.
VectorTransformer(name, namespace, dimension) Vector regression transformer.
DynamicLabelTransformer(name, namespace[, ...]) Time-series label transformer.
StaticLabelTransformer(name, namespace[, labels]) Static label transformer.

Data subsampling

Sampler(n_samples, duration, *ops) Generate samples from a pumpp data dict.
class pumpp.sampler.Sampler(n_samples, duration, *ops)[source]

Generate samples from a pumpp data dict.


>>> # Set up the parameters
>>> sr, n_fft, hop_length = 22050, 512, 2048
>>> # Instantiate some transformers
>>> p_stft = pumpp.feature.STFTMag('stft', sr=sr, n_fft=n_fft,
...                                hop_length=hop_length)
>>> p_beat = pumpp.task.BeatTransformer('beat', sr=sr,
...                                     hop_length=hop_length)
>>> # Apply the transformers to the data
>>> data = pumpp.transform('test.ogg', 'test.jams', p_stft, p_beat)
>>> # We'll sample 10 patches of duration = 32 frames
>>> stream = pumpp.Sampler(10, 32, p_stft, p_beat)
>>> # Apply the streamer to the data dict
>>> for example in stream(data):
...     process(data)


n_samples (int or None) the number of samples to generate. If None, generate indefinitely.
duration (int > 0) the duration (in frames) of each sample
ops (one or more pumpp.feature.FeatureExtractor or pumpp.task.BaseTaskTransformer) The operators to include when sampling data.

Generate samples from a data dict.


data : dict

As produced by pumpp.transform


data_sample : dict

A sequence of patch samples from data, as parameterized by the sampler object.


list of weak references to the object (if defined)


Compute the valid data duration of a dict


data : dict

As produced by pumpp.transform


length : int

The minimum temporal extent of a dynamic observation in data

sample(data, interval)[source]

Sample a patch from the data object


data : dict

A data dict as produced by pumpp.transform

interval : slice

The time interval to sample


data_slice : dict

data restricted to interval.