class pumpp.sampler.SequentialSampler(duration, *ops, **kwargs)[source]

Sample patches in sequential (temporal) order

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duration (int > 0) the duration (in frames) of each sample
stride (int > 0) The number of frames to advance between samples. By default, matches duration so there is no overlap.
ops (array of pumpp.feature.FeatureExtractor or pumpp.task.BaseTaskTransformer) The operators to include when sampling data.
random_state (None, int, or np.random.RandomState) If int, random_state is the seed used by the random number generator; If RandomState instance, random_state is the random number generator; If None, the random number generator is the RandomState instance
__init__(duration, *ops, **kwargs)[source]


__init__(duration, *ops, **kwargs)
data_duration(data) Compute the valid data duration of a dict
indices(data) Generate patch start indices
sample(data, interval) Sample a patch from the data object