class pumpp.feature.STFT(name, sr, hop_length, n_fft, log=False, conv=None)[source]

Short-time Fourier Transform (STFT) with both magnitude and phase.

name : str

The name of this transformer

sr : number > 0

The sampling rate of audio

hop_length : int > 0

The hop length of STFT frames

n_fft : int > 0

The number of FFT bins per frame

log : bool

If True, scale magnitude in decibels.

Otherwise use linear magnitude.

__init__(name, sr, hop_length, n_fft, log=False, conv=None)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(name, sr, hop_length, n_fft[, log, …]) Initialize self.
layers() Construct Keras input layers for the given transformer
merge(data) Merge an array of output dictionaries into a single dictionary with properly scoped names.
n_frames(duration) Get the number of frames for a given duration
phase_diff(phase) Compute the phase differential along a given axis
register(key, dimension, dtype[, channels]) Register a field as a tensor with specified shape and type.
scope(key) Apply the name scope to a key
transform(y, sr) Transform an audio signal
transform_audio(y) Compute the STFT magnitude and phase.