class pumpp.task.BaseTaskTransformer(name, namespace, sr, hop_length)[source]

Base class for task transformer objects

name : str

The name prefix for this transformer object

namespace : str

The JAMS namespace for annotations in this task

sr : number > 0

The sampling rate for audio

hop_length : int > 0

The number of samples between frames

__init__(name, namespace, sr, hop_length)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(name, namespace, sr, hop_length) Initialize self.
decode_events(encoded[, transition, …]) Decode labeled events into (time, value) pairs
decode_intervals(encoded[, duration, multi, …]) Decode labeled intervals into (start, end, value) triples
empty(duration) Create an empty jams.Annotation for this task.
encode_events(duration, events, values[, dtype]) Encode labeled events as a time-series matrix.
encode_intervals(duration, intervals, values) Encode labeled intervals as a time-series matrix.
merge(data) Merge an array of output dictionaries into a single dictionary with properly scoped names.
register(field, shape, dtype) Register a field as a tensor with specified shape and type.
scope(key) Apply the name scope to a key
transform(jam[, query]) Transform jam object to make data for this task